Let's Get This Party Started!

The TechCrunch New York Party kicks off in three hours, 7 PM EST, at BED in Manhattan.

The final guest list is here, although it doesn’t include sponsor attendees and press. All attendees should have received an email confirmation of the party as well. If you have an email confirmation but do not see your name on the list, just bring a printout of the email to the event. We have some good news – the entire wait list will be admitted to the rooftop area, and we’ll let as many of these people into the main area as BED allows.

Sponsor Information

For TechCrunch Meetup 8 attendees — be ready to draw your mobile at the sight of partyStrands, the latest in interactive music entertainment projected on BED’s state-of-the-art-screens. With a simple text message (alias + artist) you will be able to influence the music and request a favorite artist from our music library. You can also interact with other partygoers via text messages sent to the screen, or email your pictures to the display, or even participate in votings. All the info about partyStrands is here.

If you cannot make TechCrunch Meetup 8, don’t despair! You can also follow the party online or through your mobile. Just connect to partystrands.com/tc8, or mobile.partystrands.com/tc8 to follow what music is being played real time, and what pictures and text messages are being sent by partygoers from inside the party. Be sure to join us and check out what people are doing and what people are saying!

Thanks again to our great list of sponsors, which keeps these events free to attendees:

Partner Level
Compete.com HitTail
Communications Sponsor
Creative Concepts
Entertainment Sponsor
Marketing Sponsor
Product Launch Sponsor
Product Level Sponsors
RightMedia Eurekster Genius BlogTalkRadio Helium Conduit Gotuit CivilNetizen Citizenbay Multiply Cozmo Media AOL Freewebs Snap Top10Media DoubleClick
Event Level Sponsors
Polaris Photobucket Audiovox AdaptiveBlue New Europe Venture CacheFly