Halo 3 to be Preceded by Downloadable Content for Halo 2, Calls for Beta Testers

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OK, we know. Halo 3 isn’t dropping this weekend. It was, however, a rumor that was worth being discussed, but let us now get to some real business.

According to a press release from Microsoft today, we’ll be seeing a one-minute commercial for Halo 3 on December 4. In addition, Spring 2007 will see Halo 3-ish content for Halo 2. The new content includes maps for the extraordinarily popular multiplayer mode of the game. Shortly afterward, MS will make some of Halo 3’s multiplayer features available to a few lucky beta testers via Xbox Live. Of course, this is all to whet the Halo Nation’s appetite for the actual game launch later in 2007.

Halo 3 remains one of, if not the, most highly anticipated games currently in development, and its linkage with Xbox Live are sure to make it one of the top sellers of next year.

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