Viewsonic Announces High-Priced Rugged Handhelds

Viewsonic apparently is looking to make some serious buck off their new V38r-06, V38r-07, and V38r-07a rugged handhelds. Just announced, these guys come with some serious features, but they run friggin’ Windows Mobile 2003. Come on Viewsonic! At least throw version 5.0 on there for the $1600-$2000 you’re going to charge us for these devices. What are you paying out the ying-yang for? A 520MHZ Intel XScale CPU, Bluetooth, jog dial, 802.11b/g wireless, SD card slot, 1.3MP camera, biometric scanner, GPS, and a lot more. Ok, so maybe you do get the bang for the buck, but two grand is a lot to shell out for a handheld.

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