SyncVUE: Skype Powered Collaborative Video Editing

SyncVUE is a product that enables users to sync up media files like video or audio with their Skype contacts for collaborative annotation in real time. It’s an impressive use of the Skype network, an approach that’s likely to become increasingly common. There’s a long list of plug-ins available on the Skype Extras page, but that’s far from an exhaustive list.

SyncVUE is a product that uses your Skype contacts list as a user list. It lets you switch control over the synced file between participants in a media sharing session or turn off syncing at any time and play the file independently. Any user can put time flags and notes throughout the file. There’s a good demonstration video here. It’s Quicktime based and supports basic commands from Final Cut Pro. The product costs almost $200 for the first license, so it’s not for the casual user. Anyone working on video with a distributed team might find it very interesting, though.

We’ve covered shared workspaces, open source web conferencing and products that ride on top of VOIP here in recent weeks. SnycVUE is related to of all of those and it’s a great way to leverage the power and market dominance of Skype. Why hasn’t eBay done something like this?