Seattle Readers! Show Us Love and You Could Win: A Zune! A Belkin Case! And Tickets for Secret Machines + Blonde Redhead! And Breakfast with Secret Machines!

. But it’s only because we wanted you to savor the coolness we’ve got in store for you. So what is this coolness, you ask? Well as you may have gathered, it’s a contest, and a badassssss one at that.

Since we love other bloggers, we’ve gotten together with Cesar over at Zune Insider to give two lucky Seattle residents the chance to win on Monday, November 13, a Zune and a high-end Belkin leather. That’s a full day before they’re unleashed upon the world.

So here’s the full deal: Two winners will receive a Zune at a special breakfast on Monday at Minnie’s in Belltown with Cesar from Zune Insider, the wonderful band the Secret Machines and yours truly. If you’re down with indie rock, you most likely know who this band is, and you most likely love them, no touching though—at least not without asking.

After breakfast, we’re off to Westlake Center, where the band you just enjoyed your eggs and sausage with will rock faces at a super special show. And then, later that evening, you’ll be invited to another formerly-secret show, this one with the lovely Blonde Redhead at the War Room (but remember, there is no fighting in the War Room) on Pike and Harvard, where we will drink booze.

So what is it you have to do to win this Price Is Right-worthy prize package? We want you to show us how much you love CrunchGear and Zune. We want you to print out this document. Then we want you to have a photograph taken of you holding this document with four places around Seattle in the background: the Fremont Troll, the arrow over the Cha Cha, Safeco Field, and the Experience Music Project building-blob-thing. Once you’ve got all four photos, email them to matt at crunchgear dot com with the subject “Seattle Zune Contest.” We’ll randomly pick two winners from the pack. Make sure to include your name and a phone number. Your deadline is Sunday at Noon, got it?

You don’t necessarily have to live in Seattle, but it’ll help for the photos. And, in order to get your free Zune and Belkin case, you MUST be at the breakfast on Monday morning in Seattle, SO MAKE SURE YOUR MONDAY IS OPEN. If not, we’ll go the next lucky Seattlite.

So get busy. We’re checking our emails, we’re waiting for your photographs, we’re waiting to see who will rock out with the Secret Machines and a shiny new Zune.