smartphones now 2006

Smartphones Now 2006

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Thanks for reading this year’s edition of Smartphones Now. It’s been a long week for us getting our bearings with such an extensive feature-set, but in the end everything gelled quite happily. We hope you all enjoyed Smartphones Now.

I should also take this opportunity to let you all know that this is only the beginning of our features. We have many more slated for the next several weeks, so stay tuned.

And for those of you who might have missed one of the smartphone packages, here are direct links to each feature:

Smartphones Now: The T-Mobile Dash

Smartphones Now: The Blackberry Pearl

Smartphones Now: Symbian

Smartphones Now: Opera Mini 2 Opens Up Real Mobile Web Browsing

Smartphones Now: Windows Mobile 5

Smartphones Now: 10 Things I Hate About Smartphones

Smartphones Now: Palm OS

Smartphones Now: Linux

Smartphones Now: First-Time Buyer’s Guide

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