Orkut Bigger Than MySpace? Ok, Maybe Not

Google’s Orkut has been steadily rising on the Alexa charts, and for the first time today overtook MySpace in total page views.

Since all of the other indicators suggest that MySpace is still significantly bigger than Orkut, we took a look at the Comscore data, which tells a different story than Alexa. Comscore September numbers (October will be out in a couple of weeks) say that MySpace is generating over a billion page views per day (35 billion total in September), while Orkut is at about 200 million page views for the entire month. So Myspace generates 5x the monthly page views of Orkut in a single day.

For fun we compare Alexa and Comscore for all of the other large social networks as well. Both sets of data are below. Clearly something is out of whack at Alexa with regard to Orkut specifically. And according to Comscore, MySpace still has more monthly visitors and page views than all of the other social networks listed below combined.