Wacom Ships Widescreen-Compatible Graphics Tablets

There are two brands serious graphics artists will probably never abandon: Apple and Wacom. Anyone who does any real digital designing knows that a Wacom tablet is as necessary to them as paint brushes are to a traditional artist.

The problem facing many of them now is that Apple (and other computer manufacturers) are tending toward widescreen (closer to, if not, a 16:9 aspect ratio) displays instead of the traditional displays (4:3 aspect ratio). Wacom’s tablets mirrored the traditional 4:3 aspect ratio, so it seemed only natural that it would introduce 16:9 tablets, which it has with its Intruos3 line.

With a usable surface of up to 12×19-inches, the new tablets can be mapped pixel-to-pixel for the entire screen, or can even be used to express movement over dual monitors. The tablets also feature Wacom’s standard ExpressKeys, programmable shortcut buttons on the left-hand side. Also shipping with the popular Grip Pen stylus and five-button wireless mouse, it’s everything you need in one package. The smaller version, at 4×6-inches, is even portable for us laptop users. Slick.

Intuos3 Wide Format Tablets [Product Page]