Full-Featured USB Skype Phone On The Cheap

There was a time when I used Skype exclusively. I talked to my parents, my friends and I even purchased some SkypeOut time to talk to my ex-girlfriend in Europe (Edit: Europe, huh? How did you manage to chase away every girl on this continent? Look out South America, he’s coming for you next–JG). I enjoyed the convenience of sitting at my computer and dialing people up, but because it was my media server, I had that particular computer plugged into my stereo. Every once in a while, one of my roomates would be hanging out in my bedroom and would get a good dose of Katie saying something to the effect of, “Gavin, I’m so unhappy. I miss you so much and I want you back so badly.” OK, so she never actually said that.

Well, if I still talked to her, I could now use this USB Skype™ Phone. It’s exactly what it sounds like, too. A phone that plugs into your (Windows 2000 & XP only) PC’s USB port and can be used with Skype. It supports your Skype contact lists and your saved speed-dials. The best part is, it’s cheap as all get out at $24.99, so I might have to take up annoying ex-girlfriends all over again.

USB Skype Phone [ThinkGeek via Popgadget]