From the Vaults of Stupid: Bulletproof Textbooks

An Oklahoma man has devised a scheme for protecting kids from violence in schools: bulletproof textbooks. Bill Crozier has discovered that a normal textbook can deflect a bullet from a pistol, but when facing an assault rifle, ehhh not so much. To remedy this problem, Crozier has proposed kevlar book covers to prevent the assault rifle fire from piercing the textbooks.

Now I’m not doubting that a textbook can stop a bullet, my question is does anyone actually think this is productive. The likelihood of a student being able to hold on to a book being struck by a bullet is basically zilch. Furthermore, the probability that a student could raise a book in time to stop the bullet is even smaller. This just has ill-conceived written all over it.

Candidate says bulletproof books could save lives (with book shooting video!) [WBIR via Wired]