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tcukparty.jpgWell, after three days we’ve finally recovered from the hangover induced by the TechCrunch UK launch party. What can I say? It was a blast.

We had a lot of representatives from the UK startup scene. To name just a handful they included Nestoria, Crowdstorm, DropSend, WebKitchen, BottleTalk, Mydeo and Reevoo. But since we conducted video interviews with all of these and a few more, we’ll be rolling out those interviews on the site over the next few weeks.

Among the venture capitalists milling around there we also plenty of bloggers and technologists who’ve been supportive of the idea of setting up TechCrunch UK. They are numerous and we’ll put up a proper thank you naming names in due course.

As Sam Sethi, founder/publisher/writer, said, we want to properly give some voice and profile to the burgeoning technology scene here in the UK and this seemed like a good way to do it. For myself it’s an honour to be given the opportunity to contribute as editor on this site (thanks Sam!).

Thanks also to Tom Raftery we even have some pictures to prove the party happened. As I said, video interviews should start to go up next week. Finally, as rumoured,’s Mike Arrington was not able to attend due to his not having worked out how to clone himself yet (Mike Arrington 2.0 is coming) but we are planning more events here so I daresay he’ll make one or two of those.

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