Motorola goes KRZY for Cingular

inescapable RAZR, the KRZR, is set to drop early next month on Cingular, according to Engadget Mobile’s anonymous tipster. Right now, the KRZR is only available via Verizon in the CDMA flavor, Cingular’s would be the first GSM version in the country.

We’re sick and tired of the RAZR and its many varying forms, so anything sleek, stylish, and Moto to replace it, we’re all for. T-Mobile should be getting some KRZR love, as well, probably early next year. Look for prices around the $150-$200 mark when she hits the shelves, with a 2 year contract extension, of course.

Cingular’s MOTOKRZR launching first week of November?
[Engadget Mobile]