Getting Down To Business: YesNoMayB

We’ve covered the best new dating sites, and even the most popular gay male dating sites, here on TechCrunch. But none of these sites capture the speed and simplicity of speed dating, where you meet a bunch of potential mates in a short period of time. South Africa-based dating site YesNoMayB nailed it.

Forget all the long, detailed profiles and complicated algorithms for figuring out who you might be compatible with. YesNoMayB shows you a bunch of pictures of potential matches based on search criteria (straight/gay and age range). You vote each picture with yes/no/maybe. If you say yes to a picture, your picture will be placed in their queue the next time they review pictures. If they say yes to you, too, then the site notifies both of you of the match, and you take it from there. This works in reverse, too. If someone likes your picture, their picture will be secretly shown to you at some point, too.

It’s very similar to HotOrNot’s MeetMe service (although less public). One difference is that YesNoMayB uses collaborative filtering to try and show you people who you will find attractive. So when someone who tends to vote the same way as you likes someone, they are more likely to be shown to you as well (similar to the netflix recommendation engine).

To try it out, see the demo here.

The basic service is free. A premium version is available with a bunch of additional features, including the ability to see new members right away (free accounts must wait five days to see new members). Premium accounts are $18/month.

This service gets five stars for friction reduction as a dating service. If looks are all that matter, this is the perfect dating site for you. And if you are a woman looking for a man, keep an eye out for my picture and don’t even think of clicking anything other than “yes.”

Update: I take back everything good I said about this company. Apparently the picture I submitted for my profile was not considered appropriate. :-)

Hi michael

Thank you for sending us your photo but unfortunately it is not suitable for use on facespinTM.

It was declined because we need to see a picture of you.

As this is largely a visual dating site, we have to maintain a certain quality standard of photographs in facespinTM. For insider tips on what to post and what not to post, please visit our photo tips page.

Please try again. We want your photo to work hard for you.


The Team