Samsung D900 aka Black Carbon Hands On

is another Ultra model – the D900 is an extremely slim slider with 3-megapixel camera and a unique UI designed in conjunction with Adobe. The Samsung folks didn’t mention a timeframe, but it should be hitting our shores very soon for about $350-400.

Like the Trace, the D900 is extremely thin and designed with high-speed Internet and some unique features including uGo, which changes the background image to a local landmark depending on your roaming country (it works better in Europe, obviously) and uTrace which discreetly sends you an SMS if someone ganks your phone and puts in their own SIM card. This model is GSM-only and is unlocked.

The UI is extremely interesting for one small reason. The menus have “pop-up” sections, so when you select something, a little window appears allowing you to drill down without leaving the original screen. This saves a few clicks and is considerably more friendly than the standard “deck of cards” UI which requires you to pop back and forth between two separate menus. Too better understand the difference, imagine submenus in Windows or OS X under the main menu options. The general feel is more elegant and less cluttered.

The packaging follows Nokia’s lead in creating a full, exclusive package as opposed to generic box. This is definitely a status phone, although a lack of shiny materials might work to its disadvantage. It will also come in multiple colors including red and silver.

This is an interesting move for Samsung, paralleling with Nokia’s flagship store model involving direct phone sales to consumers and by passing the carriers almost entirely. If there’s one thing you feel here in SK it’s that we’re seriously behind the curve in terms of cell features and handsets. Luckily, moves like this will bring us a little closer to the 21st century.