PlayStation 3 Preorders Up On Ebay…Again

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For all those eager-beaver gamers and parents who want to please their kids, the PlayStation 3 preorders are up on Ebay again. At least this time, they’re legitimate. I’m actually kind of surprised to see PS3 preorders selling for a max of $1,500; I thought they’d go way higher than that. Though, it’s probably just because Christmas is still more than two months away. It’s also good to know that even if you get a preorder, you may not get a console on launch day since the supplies are so limited. I can see it now: Parents fighting parents, gamers fighting gamers and Ebayers fighting…well, other Ebayers, all over the joy of having a PlayStation 3 before everyone else. I know, there are dedicated fans out there that have been waiting for a long time for this console to come out, but c’mon…

Playstation 3 Pre Orders Up On Ebay [sci fi tech]

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