Xbox Live Is Down

If you turned on your Xbox 360 earlier today and panicked because you couldn’t get Table Tennis online, relax! Xbox Live, Xbox forums and the official Xbox site are all down for a scheduled maintenance. This also means that when you call Xbox support for a system that needs repair, they won’t be able to file anything for it. They’ll give you a long repair id number, and tell you to call back 24-48 hours later. My Oblivion started going haywire yesterday, and my Xbox 360 couldn’t read any discs after that. I spent some time with support, and in the end I couldn’t do anything but get a repair id number. I hate maintenance.

So if you’re like me and need something else to do, here’s a list of 10 things to you can actually do instead (yeah, xboxic and Xbox have lists too, but ours is funny!):

  • 10. Start playing a MMO – It’s never too late, and there’s better way to waste time than to wonder around a MMO’s world and do absolutely nothing.
  • 9. Get on your PC instead – Just don’t tell your friends you turned your back on a console, you scum.
  • 8. Play Magic: The Gathering – Someone stole my cards in high school, I swear. But you know you saved them for a reason.
  • 7. Read CrunchGear all day – You never know what you’ll learn from CrunchGear.
  • 6. Shower – It’s about that time of the month…
  • 5. Play Xbox 360 offline – Looks like you’re busting out Oblivion, again.
  • 4. Get online with your Nintendo DS Lite – There’s WiFi on these things for a reason, you know?
  • 3. Invite your friends over for D & D – Yes, we still do that.
  • 2. Get a job – Alright, so you’ve been bumming off your mum for about 20 years, that’s alright. Xbox Live is down, you can at least get some free food out of flipping burgers.
  • 1. Go outside for the first time – Yes, contrary to popular belief, there’s a real world out there to discover. Get some exercise!
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