EA Games Closes Warrington Studio

Electronic Arts has made an official announcement stating that it will be closing the Warrington Studio, which developed the PC and Xbox 360 hit Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Warrington Studio, located in England, housed fifty developers, which will all be transferred to Chertsey or Guildford, which are also located in England. Officials stated that the studio was not shut down for its financial stability, but more so to reinforce and unify development staff at the Chertsey and Guildford studios. Too bad the studio had to go, we didn’t even get to see them push the Battlefield series.

It’s also notable that the studios that created Battlefield: Special Forces and Battlefield: Vietnam were also shut down. EA has also recently moved its administrative headquarters to Switzerland, but officials say they are still maintaining strong development in the UK. Lots of change coming from EA, and I’m sure we’ll see the outcome of choices soon enough.

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