Earfeeder crafts one feed for all your favorite musicians

Earfeeder is a service that scans your computer for music and creates an RSS feed you can use to subscribe to news, concert ticket and iTunes availability notifications for all the musicians you listen to. It’s a simple but fun service that you can use once to subscribe to music updates and then forget about. The site uses a Java applet to scan your hard drive for audio files. You can check off bands you don’t want to include in your feed, or select only bands with more than 5 or 10 songs on your computer. One downside is that it will pick up podcasts as well as music, but filtering for artists with more than 5 songs can help to some degree.

Boulder, Colorado entrepreneurs David Cohen and Brad Searle built Earfeeder. They say they’ve received permission to syndicate the news feeds from sources like RollingStone.com and they put affiliate adds following items delivered. Including Pitchfork Media would make it even better. Earfeeder won’t scan your computer from Firefox on an Intel Mac or in Safari but otherwise works well.