ViewSonic iPod-Dock LCDs Launch

Just a quick follow up on something we reported on last month. ViewSonic, in an attempt to give us one more thing we can stick into our monitor, has released its 19-inch VX1945wm and 22-inch VX2245wm LCD monitors that incorporate an iPod docking station, four USB 2.0 ports, an 8-in-1 card reader, a microphone, stereo speakers and a subwoofer into the displays. While we’re all for adding functionality and freeing up desk space, we still can’t help think “why?” It’s just kinda ugly to us to have so much going on with your display.

The VX1945wm and VX2245wmLCDs are priced well at $329 and $449 respectively, resolutions are good and response times are low at 5ms, so gaming on them should be cool.

Viewsonic 19-inch VX1945wm and 22-inch VX2245wm LCDs [Product Page]