Overflow 2.0 is a clean, simple launcher

Version 2.0 of the Mac launcher Overflow was released today and I really like it. Launchers are supposed to help balance the need to have files and applications easy to access on one hand and the need for your computer to stay organized on the other. I find Quicksilver, the most popular Mac launcher, more trouble than it’s worth for my needs. Overflow is less reliant on keystrokes for one thing.

The new version of the application is essentially the first that’s really usable. You can drag and drop files into Overflow, create multiple categories or pages and use a hot key to launch the tray. You can position it wherever you want on your screen and it will open in the same location each time you open it.

Overflow costs $15 but is free to use at first. Some people complain that’s too much money, but Winnipeg based Stunt Software deserves to be rewarded for their work. The nice thing about buying software like this is that it’s so straightforward – I get to try it and if I like it then 100% of the money goes to the developers. Distribution channels are set up that anyone can use (I found this via Mac Update) and those channels run advertising. What a different scenario than purchasing music most places online. I would feel bad not paying a company like this for their work if it proved useful; that’s certainly not the case when it comes to music from major lables.

If other Mac launchers don’t work for you, give Overflow a try. You might really appreciate its simplicity and usefulness.