Zeiss Apo Sonnar 1700mm, Hernia Inducing Lens


Holy crap, look at this lens! It was made-to-order by Carl Zeiss for an undisclosed customer, but judging from the Arabic lettering apparent on elements of the lens and the “Property of Qatar” stamp, one can guess who it belongs to.

The lens is coupled with a Hasselblad 203FE 6x6cm medium format camera. It weighs 564-pounds and is considered the largest lens ever created for non-military use. Although it looks as if it could take pictures of the other side of the universe, it was created for photographic wildlife at extreme distances.

It uses 15 optical elements in 13 groups and utilizes servo controlled aiming and focusing systems such as those seen in telescopes.

The World’s Largest Telephoto Lens [DP Review via Gizmodo]