JVC Prepping New 1080i HDD Camcorder

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JVC is giving us a new HD camcorder on October 3, part of their Everio series. You’ll forgive our lack of details, but there aren’t many, and those we do have are in Japanese. We do know that this compact little shooter can capture all the action of that brawl on the sidelines of your son’s soccer game in 1080i, and can be fitted with the new FUJINON 10x optical zoom lens for real, pro-type video action. And apparently, it can also turn into a steam-powered robot to battle these Gumby-like aliens, but that’s conjecture based on what we’ve read and our two credits worth of Japanese at the community college down the hill.

JVC also knows tapes are so 2006, so they’ve outfitted the Everio with an internal hard disk. Chances are it’ll be swappable, and as current JVC HD camcorders top out at 30GB, look for it to include something in that capacity range.

Prototypes will be available for the press at the Japanese CREATEC convention next week, so we expect more news on this guy at that time. With luck, we’ll see it stateside sometime early next year, probably late Q1.

JVC Everio [Impress.co.jp, translated via Babelfish]

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