Zune Insider Details Accessories Inside Zune Box

Besides the next big thing in media players featuring WiFi, your Zune, if you decide to purchase one at the slightly-higher-than-rumored $249.99 on November 14th, will also, naturally, come with a handfull of accessories. It’s all standard fare, but we thought you’d want to know. Personally, we feel that if it’s inlcuded, it’s not really an accessory, but we’ll default to Ceasar on this one.

You’ll get your Zune player, your magnetically held-together earbuds, a USB Sync cable, and a micro-suede draw-string pouch. Nothing to really get the fan boyz in a tizzy here, though it seems that your pouch will match your Zune, which is something.

Accessories in the box [Zune Insider]