Xbox 360 Roundup

With Gears of War, BioShock and Halo Wars being shown at TGS and X06, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has certainly taken its place in the next gen gaming world. Even hardcore gamers who swore by Sony have given attention to Xbox 360’s coming titles and features. If you already own an Xbox 360 and haven’t had a chance to get on Live and check out the TGS and X06 content, check it out!

The coverage of the floor is worth the download, and you can delete it afterwards. Along with Microsoft, we at CrunchGear have covered quite a bit of Xbox 360 news this week. We’ve got info on all the new accessories, price drops, Xbox 360 international expansion, XBox 360’s HD DVD player, rumors, CPU upgrades and more. Whew. In case you missed any of it, hit the the links below to get on top of that Xbox 360 news!

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