TLA Launches Feedvertising

Text Link Ads (an advertising network that allows websites to include simple text advertisements on their site) launched a new product this morning called Feedvertising. Feedvertising allows bloggers and other site owners to include advertisements or other messages in their RSS feeds.

We like Feedvertising (note disclosure at end, however) because it’s simple, free, and gives the publisher the ability to sell their own ads directly, include TLA sold ads, or simply put in any message and link that the publisher wishes to include.

We’ve integrated Feedvertising into the main TechCrunch RSS Feed via a WordPress plugin (plugins for other blogging platforms is coming soon). We’ve elected not to include advertising, instead adding a simple text item at the end of feed content that promotes other Crunch Network sites.

For more information on how the product works, see the video tutorial they’ve created here. I believe a lot of bloggers will want to use this.

Disclosure: TLA has been a longtime TechCrunch Sponsor.