A Moment For Our Sponsors

We periodically like to say thanks to the people who keep us up and running, our sponsors. Thank you for your support. Feel free to stop by their sites and check out their products, or apply for some open positions they and others list on the Crunchboard job board.

  1. Faces.com: Faces.com is a social networking site from Australia with an emphasis on multimedia sharing. They’re big on music, picture and video sharing.
  2. Edgeio: Check out Edgeio and any of their 1,170,420 classified listings. You can also use Edgeio to syndicate your own classified listings on their network.
  3. Text Link Ads: Use Text Link Ads to sell ads on your site as a publisher, or buy ad space at a flat monthly rate. They have a pretty simple kit online to get you started with some higher quality ads on your site. TLA is one of our first sponsors.
  4. Flock: Flock’s has recently released Flock 0.7.5, featuring the same great photo sharing, RSS, and bookmark sharing integration they’re known for. This might be the browser for you.
  5. SKY-Click: Sky-Click is a low-cost call center solution based on ever-popular Skype. Check out their free 30 day trial.
  6. LogoJeez: These guys are logo experts with a lot of different packages to fit your needs.

I also want to thank our readers. It’s an honor to have you stop by here every day and read our blog. We appreciate your attention and your feedback.