Bob Iger Confirms iTV Hard Drive

During a Conference yesterday, Disney CEO Bob Igor spilled a key detail about Apple’s forthcoming iTV: it has a hard drive. While he didn’t state how large the hard drive was, he did explain that it would be able to store media directly within the unit. Iger see’s the iTV as having a significant impact:

It felt like a game changer to me in many respects… What I like about it, by the way, it may be an opportunity to actually charge people for a TVR experience. In that if they’ve forgotten to set their TiVo device or their TVR or they just have no plan to do it but they want to watch an episode that they missed, they can go to iTunes, buy it for $1.99, [send it] to the set-top box source wirelessly and watch it on the television.

I’m not sure it will be as significant as they seem to think, but I do hope it’ll be a solid product. I guess we’ll see next spring.

Disney’s Iger: iTV Has a Small Hard Drive
[The iPod Observer]