Newsgator Go! for mobiles out tommorow

RSS vendor Newsgator will announce tomorrow a new service for reading RSS feeds on Windows Mobile phones. Called Newsgator Go! the program will cost about $30 and will sync its data with other members of the Newsgator family: NetNewsWire for Mac, FeedDemon for PCs, Newsgator Online and Newsgator Inbox for Outlook. Newsgator products are my favorite for reading feeds and I’m excited to hear that the company will come out with a Java reader in coming months.

One of the best things about the product is that it will allow specific groups of feeds to be designated for sharing across devices via an interface in Newsgator Online. I moved to using NetNewsWire on my desktop when I grew frustrated with Newsgator Online’s inability to display more than a thousand feeds without choking, though the company tells me they’ve vastly improved the speed of the online version in recent months. One way or the other, I only want and need so many feeds on my phone. Newsgator Go! will also cache feed items locally on your phone so you can read them without going online.

Other options for reading your feeds on the go include Bloglines Mobile, the FeedBurner Mobile Feed Reader, the multi-featured mobile hydra Winksite, Dave Winer’s mobile River of News for select feeds and the forthcoming mobile tool suite SynapseLife.

There’s a screenshot of the Newsgator Go! interface posted at MobileCrunch.