Korean Air Bans Dell, Apple

The Korea Times is reporting that following a similar move by the Aussies at Qantas, Korean Air has banned Dell laptops and Apple Powerbooks and iBooks from its flights. The decision comes at the heels of recent widespread issues with exploding laptop batteries. Laptops from Sony, the makers of the questionable battery, remain unaffected because they were apparently using better, non-exploding batteries in their laptops.

Fortunately at least, Dell and Apple users can avoiding checking their laptop by simply removing the batteries. This is certainly a more agreeable option, because checking your electronics as baggage seldom ends up favorably. Also, it’s unclear why this affects only Powerbooks and iBooks, because MacBooks have been exploding just as efficiently as the other two. Anyone have a theory about this oversight?

Edit: Upon further reading, it seems seems that the oversight was mine. MacBook batteries were apparently recalled for reasons other than explosions. Sorry for the confusion.

Korean Air bans Apple, Dell notebooks on board [Think Secret via Engadget]