Interview With Kiko Acquiror Elliot Noss

We have a new podcast up on TalkCrunch – an interview with Tucows CEO Elliot Noss. Tucows just acquired one year old Ajax calendar Kiko for $250,000 on ebay. We spoke for about twenty minutes on his reasons for buying the company and what he plans on doing with it. Elliot also talks for a few minutes about the bidding drama on ebay, where the sale price increased by over $100k in the last two minutes of the auction.

I think the transaction, and others like it, might signal a trend in the new web. Is eBay the investment bank of Web 2.0? New companies are easy to start, easy to fund and (now) easy to sell for a few hundred grand on eBay…this might be the way many of these small companies eventually find liquidity.

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