Nokia New York Store Sneak Peek

I usually don’t like the “stores” some companies open which are essentially advertising spaces that flog one brand or another. The Nokia store, strangely enough, is very different and very refreshing.

First off, you can actually buy stuff there. All of the phones are available and there’s even a fancy Vertu lounge where Finnish podiatrists massage your instep while French maidens play on silver flutes. None of those were in attendance when I was there, but I’m assuming they’re part of the package.

One interesting tid-bit – the media and lighting are all controlled from a control room in London. There are different themes including an adorable puppy theme that makes the room go sort of grey while kitties and puppies perform jackanapes on the screens lining the narrow store. When you pull a phone away from its cradle, a fact sheet appears describing the phone in detail.

The location is quite nice. It’s right across from Tiffany & Co. and Burberry, so you’ve definitely got an upscale vibe. You could feasibly take a horse ride around Central Park, hit the Apple Store, and then get yourself a nice Nokia 770 Internet Tablet around the corner.

The store is opening on September 9 and looks to be quite an effective way for staid Nokia burnish it’s image a bit with the coolsters and the folks who vacation on islands.