NEC Drops Two New Versa Laptops, Featuring Added Security

, the M360 and the M160. NEC is promoting these as having the “perfect balance” between performance, flexibility and security, though I don’t see anything outstanding.

They both have integrated biometric fingerprint scanners, but there’s nothing new there. The M360 has an optional port replicator with it’s own biometric scanner, but that seems rather redundant. The chassis of the M360 is being billed as “rugged”, which is something. Highly-configurable models, avoid the entry levels with their Celeron-based processors and opt for the Centrino Duo, and you’ve got a pretty decent bang for your buck, especially with the SXGA 15.4″ LCD, built-in wireless, and 5.5-pound weight.

NEC laptops are nice, but are not the kind of things that gets us geeks drooling. For enterprise buyers looking to load up their workforce with fairly decent laptops, however, they’re an attractive way to go without having to shell out for bells and whistles that will never, or maybe should never, be used. Really cool? No. Will they get the job done? Sure. Pricing starts at less than $750.
NEC Strengthens Secure Laptop Range [BIOS Magazine]