Is HP Eating Apple's Karma?

that if , in light of its recent successes, could HP be attaining Apple-like mojo? He makes a few very good points, and positions that against Apple’s rough month.

It’s a well-thought, if not brief, read into how fortunes can change swiftly in this industry. With Apple’s battery recall, settlement with Creative Technologies and recent stock option irregularities, it would appear that Apple is in a rough spot.

And with HP’s stock surging, and being on the right side of the government’s new policies on tech trash, it seems as likely as ever to seize the torch of indignant righteousness from Cupertino.

Burrows is correct, however, to point out that this could also just be a seasonal irregularity for Apple. Let’s face it, HP makes calculators, Apple makes iPod. They simply don’t have the cult status that Apple does, but that’s OK. In the end, the companies are on different, but occasionally convergent, paths. HP CEO Mark Hurd is no Steve Jobs, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have his mojo workin’.

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