BloomBox is a mint of an idea.

About a six weeks ago I was kindly invited to attend an event here in London called UGTV06 by Andy Bell. It was a very good seminar talking about how mainstream media in the UK is embracing the “user generated content” age. It was the same evening that MTV UK announced the launch of their own UGC project Flux. Later that evening Tim Morgan previewed Bloombox a white-label web application that makes it easy for television producers and broadcasters to make shows based around user-generated content. Although it wasn’t mentioned, I guess, MTV were supporting the launch of BloomBox because their own channel Flux uses the technology?

Tim’s presentation was very funny and the highlight of the evening, as he told how his friend in Wales had created a user generated advert to promote the only Indian restaurant in the village. Using Bloombox he was able to easily upload and view the video clip as well as tag it. And because BloomBox incorporates social network features, Tim’s friend could share the video clip with his friends and neighbours. They in turn can then view the video clip prior to rating it.

Mint Digital plan to launch the service in September and will be presenting the product at the following events.

London Media Summit
Topic TBC
Andy Bell
27th October – London

Digital Hollywood
Web 2.0 – Blogs, User Generated Media, Mashups, Social Media as Agents of Change
Tim Morgan
1st December – London