Quad-core is On the Way

Core 2 ExtremeThought Two Cores was enough? It isn’t. Really. Intel confirmed today that they will be releasing a 2.67 GHz quad-core Core 2 Extreme this holiday season. Drooling, yet?

The processor is named Kentsfield and will host two dual-core Conroe cores on one package. The processor will be beefed up, increasing its L2 cache from 4MB to 8MB, which will serve to make multi-tasking much more seamless. Of course, all of these revisions will increase wattage, but only to around 110W–which is slightly more than what it took Inteal to power its spaceship Pentiums. These processors will still use the 975X chipset with FSB1066, though the socket was not mentioned.

Four cores, more cache, for less power than the flagship AMD processor? I’m in.

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