Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Offers Unparalleled Protection


Motor Trend reports that the new Mercedes-Benz CL-Class features a new technology called Pre-Safe. Utilizing this new system, the cars are able to detect driving conditions that have a high probability of accident. When it senses that danger might be imminent, the sysem enacts a series of precautions designed to lessen the severity of the impact. By adjusting variables like seat height and open windows, the Pre-Safe system helps to move the driver and the passengers into positions that most successfully take advantage of safeguards like harnesses and airbags.

In addition to the standard Pre-Safe system, Mercedes-Benz will also be offering the Pre-Safe brake system. Working in conjunction with the Brake Assist Plus (BAS Plus) system that was introduced last year, the Pre-Safe brake addition takes a more proactive approach when facing impending doom. Where the BAS Plus simply alerted drivers to potential rear end collisions, then used radar to calculat the necessary braking pressure by the driver, the Pre-Safe brake system reacts directly to threatening stimuli. If, in the face of a perceived threat. the driver fails to engage the brake, the new system will automatically apply up to 40% of the braking power in order to avoid or lessen the wreck.

These additions are definitely indicative of some clever goings on over at Mercedes-Benz, but I can’t help but wonder about the potential problems of this new brake system. The CL-Class are high performance vehicles. I suspect that in the name of speed and fun, drivers often knowingly put themselves into compromising driving conditions. There are more than a few situations that I can think where this brake could potentially cause the accidents it was created to avoid.

Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Protects Drivers With Pre-Safe System
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