LG KG810 Chocolate Flip Phone

kg810_open.jpgThe LG KG800 Chocolate Phone was grandly launched to a collective “meh” from tech reviewers and bloggers everywhere. Sure it looked nice, but some bugs and other quirks kept it from being spectacular. Well, hopefully the KG810 flip-phone version will fix some of those problems.

On the inside, it’s almost exactly the same. They both have a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and 128MB of memory. The only major difference is that this one flips instead of slides, and has a 700mAh battery instead of 800mAh. The result is a skinnier, more pocketable phone than the KG800.

If you’re willing to spend the money to import the KG810 from overseas, where it’s now selling, it’s capable of working on GSM networks here in the US. That means Cingular customers can get in on the previously Verizon-only chocolate action.

LG’s KG810 Chocolate Folder [Mobile Burn]