Garmin Forerunner 305 Foot Pod: For Treadmill or Indoor Track

garmin_forerunner305.jpgWhile the Garmin 305 (pictured here) was happily using GPS satellites to measure distance and speed on the arms of runners, along came the Nike + iPod kit, using a shoe insert and transmitter combination that does a similar thing. Not to be outdone by the likes of Nike and Apple, Garmin has responded with an accessory for the Forerunner 305 called the Foot Pod. The device is mounted to a runner’s shoe to track distance and speed when the 305 is unable to acquire satellites.

Using the Dynastream ANT +Sport wireless protocol, the shoe-mounted transmitter communicates with the Forerunner 305, which then gives the user an option to deactivate the satellite signal and train using the Foot Pod instead. This little device could be perfect for treadmill runners or anyone who must train indoors where satellite signals are weak and essentially irrelevant. The company says it’s 97% accurate and 99% when you enter your specific data and calibrate it. Available in October, just in time for indoor training season, for $100.

Press Release [Garmin, via Gearlog]