Clamshell Remote Ushers New Era of Why?


As home theaters have become increasingly complex, remotes have become burdened by the weight of the countless buttons needed to control complexities. Many designs from recent years have tackled this dilemma by prudently embracing the dynamic abilities of LCD touch screens.

Until now, the clamshell design has remained a staple of mobile phones and women’s compacts. But where there’s a market opening, there’s a company looking to fill it. Enter the Flip Remote. Not only does the Flip Remote retain the functionality of a basic programmable remote control, it also adds a questionable extra dimension. The Flip Remote is said to simplify your couch surfing experience by having programmable buttons on its outer shell that you can program for all the simple functions of your TV. One should question the necessity of this “feature.” Is it really that difficult to press buttons on the face of the remote? The Flip Remote is still just a concept design, but hopefully any wouldbe manufacturer will think long and hard prior to putting these things into production.

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