Aptera Concept Car


The Aptera concept car’s three-wheeled, egg shaped design makes for an incredibly efficient vehicle, purporedly achieving 330mpg. It seats two people, weighs 850 pounds and utilizes a super-efficient hybrid diesel engine. A clear downside of the Aptera, however, is the complete lack of cargo space, a factor that will surely prevent many consumers from becoming early adopters.

Nevertheless, even in light of its oppressively nerdy design and its absence of cargo room the Aptera marks a step in the right direction. As more vehicles of this nature are developed and produced, they will inevitably expand in size, decrease in nerdiness and, in time, eliminate gas guzzling vehicles from the road altogether. Accelerated Composites, the vehicles manufacturer, has vowed to make make this incredible egg available for under $20,000 within the next two years.

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