FlickrStorm: better search for Flickr, including Creative Commons

Flickr is an awesome site, a world changer that you’ve got to love, but it’s got some shortcomings. Many people have tried improving on the search function of the site and the newest effort is particularly nice. Gregor Hochmuth’s FlickrStorm is smooth to use and very handy for saving batches of photos you find via Flickr.

The biggest feature is that related search terms are suggested with your results to make up for the fact that photo uploaders don’t always tag their images with the same terms a searcher might hope for. It’s a good feature.

FlickrStorm also lets you set multiple photos from search results into a tray and save them all as a batch. That’s very cool and the ability to search just inside the Creative Commons section of Flickr makes then site even more useful. The CC section does not get enough love – those are the images you can legitimately reuse!

Now it’s easy to search for photos in Flickr by Creative Commons license, compile them in a batch and save them for later use. See the “advanced search” link on the site. Very nice.

Thus to respect the spirit of CC Commercial Attribution license, the photos used in the following screen cap came from users flickrelmo, fimoculous, David Sifry, TechCruncher Nik Cubrilovic, Sifry again, hyku, Sifry, Cubrilovic (X2), ifindkarma , two more Sifry, the charming Irina Slutsky(2), Mark Birbeck and BlueAce. Thanks for using CC Commercial Attribution – and the tag TechCrunch!