Kleiner Perkins Invested in Aggregate Knowledge

Top venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins invested in Menlo Park-based startup Aggregate Knowledge (our post on them is here). The closing occurred in June 2006, and Kleiner partner Randy Komisar has taken a board seat.

This is from multiple sources, although Aggregate Knowledge CEO Paul Martino have me a curt “no comment” when I contacted him by email.

The company creates automated “behavior recommendations” for websites – things like “people who look at this also looked at” and “people who bought this also bought” features. See screen shot here for a visual. Integration is extremely simple. A key Aggregate Knowledge competitor is Loomia.

Existing Aggregate Knowledge investors include Valerie Syme (Tribe.net, CompareNet), Josh Kopelman (First Round Capital, Half.com), Howard Morgan (First Round Capital, IdeaLab), Seth Goldstein (Root Markets, AttentionTrust), Richard Melmon (NetService Ventures, Electronic Arts) and Matt Ocko (Archimedes Capital).

Look for confirmation on the rumor shortly.

Update: this has now been confirmed as accurate.