Digg Profile For Sale on eBay

With all of the recent news about top Digg users being offered cash by Netscape to move over to their competing platform, I’m not surprised to see that someone has apparently placed their top 100 Digg profile up for sale on eBay.

The auction, which started a few hours ago, is for the Digg username GeekForLife. The user has submitted 748 Digg stories, 39 of which have made it to the Digg home page. There are no bidders as of 4 pm PST on Sunday.

There are two arguments for the account having value. First, of course, is the fact that Netscape is now paying top Digg users to switch over. Netscape is looking for actual users, not accounts, though, and so there’s little chance of this account being turned into a valuable income stream at Netscape. Second, high ranking Digg accounts count more than others when they Digg a story, making that story more likely to go to the home page. The account therefore has value, if Digg doesn’t simply turn it off.

This story has, of course, already been put on Digg.