Yahoo My Web Relaunches Tonight

About a year ago, Yahoo launched a new social bookmarking service called Yahoo My Web 2.0. The service has gone mostly unchanged in the time since then, and of course Yahoo acquired in December 2005.

But just as Yahoo continues to run Yahoo Photos as a separate property from subsidiary Flickr, Yahoo My Web continues to evolve even after the acquisition. Tonight at 7 pm PST, The site will relaunch with a much better user interface and a number of feature enhancements. Just as Yahoo Photos pulled in the best features of Flickr, Yahoo My Web is taking some of the better features of that weren’t previously included.

A screenshot of the new UI is below. A screenshot of the current UI, which will disappear after 7 pm, is here.

New Yahoo My Web features:

  • Addition of “Top Tags” and “Interesting Today” for discovery
  • Search by Tag prominently displayed at top of page
  • No login required to browse bookmarks
  • Users can monitor bookmarks from other taggers without their permission
  • Bookmarks can be exported to other applications
  • More Ajax (example: moue over name to view a user’s profile)

Yahoo also dropped the “2.0” from the name of the application. Their reason? To avoid confusion with the “web 2.0” meme. While I doubt that this has anything to do with the recent trademark issues around the term, I do find the timing of the renaming interesting.

Yahoo won’t comment on the number of My Web users, but did note that 30 million web pages have been bookmarked by users since the service launched.