Meet New (Random) Friends at is a brand new site, complete with last minute bugs, that is soft launching this week.

When you register at it randomly introduces you to another member. You have four days to interact with that member via anonymous email to see if you can become friends. If after those four days both people decide they would like to stay friends, they are added to your permanent friends list. You are then introduced to another person.

I like the innocent simplicity of the site and its goals (“We want…to open their eyes to the world they’re missing by not learning about others”), and hey, it may help a lonely person with some time on his or her hands to find a friend or two. I also wonder about the usefulness of this model to established social networks like Myspace. At the very least, adding a feature like this would add some page views from those users who don’t have a full list of friends on the site already. is completely open for new users, so give it a try if you are interested.