Jeff Pulver's FeedCollectors Beta

FeedCollectors, in private beta, is one of Jeff Pulver’s new projects. Like Dave Winer’s Share Your OPML, FeedCollectors provides a mechanism for users to upload their OPML file of feeds that they read.

There are subtle differences to SYO, though. Feedcollectors is also a social network where you can add friends and see what they are reading, and users can also create public collections, which are topical based feed collections. The most popular collection is called “NYC” and features a number of blogs on the city. Each collection can be tagged, rated and commented by users.

There are a total of 150 collections so far from the limited number of users who have access to the site. And like SYO, FeedCollectors is using this feed data to generate interesting data on people’s reading behaviors.

What I like best about these services are the data that’s created once a statistically relevant number of people upload their data. Seeing what people are actually reading, deep into the long tail, is compelling stuff.