Improve yourself with Mecanbe

Mecanbe is an Australian start-up founded by Adam Korbl that will enable you to track your goals in life. It still is in development but the founders were kind enough to take us through a first preview of the service.

Mecanbe is a service for self-coaching and self-improvement. As you can see from the screenshots below the service is very nicely designed and has many applications and functionalities. You can easily create a list of goals (eg.loose weight, write a good blog, run faster) rate them and publish them on your blog and if you don’t have one Mecanbe will provide one for you. It enables you to track your overall performances and ongoing progress.

I liked the flash-based dynamic world map (screenshot above) showing “Global Self-Development” as it happens. You can share your goals with others in the hope the community can contribute to help you in achieving them.

The interesting side of the application is the team-based goal management where you can see the progress of the team and compare it with yours on a specific goal. Interesting also is the leverage of the Flickr API to enable you to attach a picture to your profile and to any goal.

The design and the marketing approach look yet very much consumer oriented and this tool could be great if applied to organizations and corporate environments especially for team building and evaluation of individuals within a team.

Mecanbe is privately funded and their business model will be mainly based on advertising and premium services to be added in the future, hoping they will reach a critical size to monetize their audience. Todo-lists could evolve in that way to enlarge their scope of usage.

We will follow up that initiative as it evolves and we will add that as a Goal to achieve. The Website will open its private beta in a few weeks but you can register on their homepage.

ScreenShots (larger pictures here):