Yahoo Guns for CNET Reviews

Yahoo Tech launched tonight, taking clear aim at the massively popular CNET Reviews property.

The best way to get a quick understanding of the site is to take the tour, also linked from the home page. Yahoo Tech is providing content about technology products from Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Answers, in house experts, and third party sources like Consumer Reports.

Product reviews can be accessed via a tag cloud or the search bar. Yahoo Tech includes product reviews, how to guides and other content. Yahoo Tech also has four resident bloggers to give product advice to different customer segments.

They are making a big effort to dumb things down for non-techies and differentiate themselves from CNET and other review sites. Is it better than CNET? No, not even close, yet. The depth and quality of reviews just isn’t there. Is the site slow as hell? Yes, probably from the massive traffic hitting it and the fairly heavy use of Flash. We’ll keep an eye on this as it evolves.