Most Popular P2P Files: PeerMind

Om Malik wrote about PeerMind yesterday, a site I hadn’t heard of before (even though it launched in January). It’s a regularly updated list of the most popular music, movies, games, software and ringtones being downloaded on theEDonkey 2000 and Gnutella networks. Once this includes BitTorent, which is apparently coming soon, PeerMind’s lists will be a much more interesting indicator of consumer demand for media than other top lists determined by more indirect methods.

PeerMind is published by Nareos, the creator of PeerBox, a mobile P2P file sharing application.

What are the most popular downloads? Well, PeerMind may be accurate but the results aren’t pretty: Maddona’s “Hung Up” is the top song, and Ice Age 2 is the most popular movie. Yuck.