The TechCrunch Products Index

I’ve launched an index of companies and products that have been written about here on TechCrunch. This is a much quicker way of finding information on things I’ve written about than using the search function. In fact, I was having trouble finding my own posts using standard search. If you know the name of the company, go to this page and simply click on it to see a list of all of the posts that mention it.

This is self generating. Rachel Cunliffe took the basic code for the Ultimate Tag Warrior wordpress plugin (which was writen by Christine Davis) and modified it in a few key ways to suit my needs.

The result is a page that lists each company I’ve written about. The interface for the publisher is basically the same as UTW. The changes Rachel made are mostly to the output page.

We will post this to the WordPress Plugin Database later today or tomorrow so that anyone writing for WordPress can use it.

Planned enhancements include creation of the index in OPML format as well.

This index is also permanently linked from the top of the left sidebar on any TechCrunch page.